It’s More Than a Dress


There are objects in our life that we hold onto for sentimental reasons. This dress is one of mine.

When I was two years old, my Aunt Gail made this dress for me. During that time in my life everyone called me a different variation of my name. I usually mashed a few of them together and often referred to myself as Chrissy-Christina.

Although, this dress no longer fits me, it holds a place in my heart, because it represents my family, art, and the core of what makes me – me.

Family, like this dress, is made up of many elements. I was lucky to have five grandparents (bonus grandma) and five great-grandparents still alive when I was born. They gave me a roadmap of how to laugh, age with grace, and how love can help get you through the worst of days.

The dress represents creativity to me, and how devoting even a small amount of time each week gives me back meaning and purpose. I never wanted the books my parents read to me to end so I began to write to continue the stories. Reading and writing help me explore, find truth, and problem solve.

Although, we can’t take anything with us when we die, art allows us to leave something behind.

The yarn that makes up this dress was crocheted, making it stronger, much like the people in our lives make us stronger. Together, we can face hardships that would be difficult to navigate on our own. The yarn is also colorful, reminding me that art reveals what is beautiful and valuable in the world.

The dress reminds me to be true to who I am.

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