Writer Unboxed: Peering through the Keyhole: Flash Fiction Contest, Round 2‏

Each month, Jo Eberhart, inspires writers with a visual prompt to create a story with 250 words or less.  I love these prompts. What a fantastic way to jump start creativity.

Below is a story inspired from the picture of a heavy wooden door and an antique knob.

Abigail took a breath and blew it out, sending dust spinning about the sunbeams diagonally cutting across the sitting room.
She yanked open the door. The antique knob pulled free. “Oh, no.” With a quick look behind her, she put her fingers in the hole and pulled open the door, breaking a nail. She slid into the adjacent room.
“Did you have trouble finding Fairfield?” A deep voice asked.
Abigail twisted toward the speaker. He was younger than she’d expected, mid-thirties tops, and cute with hard-to-control dark blond hair.
“Oh, no,” she lied, so high-pitched that she cringed. She cleared her throat and repeated. “No.”
His face remained expressionless as his faded blue eyes stared at her.
“I did have some trouble.” Her arms waved about like she was trying to fly from the room. She anchored them into her pockets. “I’m directionally challenged.” She avoided his gaze and looked about the very masculine study with the heavy oak desk and the floor to ceiling bookcases.
“I broke your door. I pulled the knob straight off.”
She held out the knob and he took it from her hand. Did his fingers linger? Was it her imagination?
“I thought your sister was unique, but I see now,” he paused, “her gregarious nature is a family trait.”
Compliment? It didn’t feel like one. “May I see Lori now?”
A wave caught her attention. Her younger sister sat in an ornate chair. Her eyes twinkled with humor. “Abigail meet Alfie. Your blind date.”

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