In Elizabeth Gilbert’s Ted Talk, Your Elusive Creative Genius. She spoke about creativity and where it comes from. How Ancient Greece believed in a creative spirit called daemons, and the Romans believed in the same idea, but their creative spirit was called a genius.


The talk inspired me to ponder Muses. Is it part of the universal consciousness? Is our unconsciousness percolating over ideas? Stephen King calls his muses the boys in the basement. Jenny Crusie calls hers muses the girls in the attic. The idea of Muses to me is working in tandem with the mysterious muse, not waiting for an idea but to do our part and show up butt in chair and pen in hand.


And then I listened to Amy Tan’s Ted Talk, Where Does Creativity Hide? She spoke on how her creative process evolved, intentions, questions, serendipity, and ambiguity. Her speech made me ponder my journey. For myself the writing is about questions and ambiguity keeps me writing because life is messy.

It doesn’t matter where we get our creative ideas, and perhaps I do not want to look at the question too closely for fear the ideas will go away. What matters is that we are true to our process. What works for us? What helps us? Personally, I like the idea of a muse, some help either outside or inside myself making leaps in material seemingly out of thin air.

Girls holding hands

The Twins

If I were to name my muses, I would call them the twins. Twin girls who hash out each question in hopes that my writing includes a diversity of ideas. I do not want to give answers. I want to give possibilities. I want to entertain but also I want my reader to discover their truth.

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