Authentic Voice

One of my favorite subjects to ponder is voice and how voice is displayed in different professions. For me, travel and meeting people from diverse cultures, education, and mentors have helped me examine and think about my identity and that self-knowledge is reflected in my voice.
In the early years of my writing journey, I took a voice class with Barbara Samuels She is a true mentor, giving her students the tools to discover their truth. A recent book I read, Louder Than Words: Harness the Power of Your Authentic Voice, by Todd Henry, was very insightful on voice. He also has a podcast called The Accidental Creative. Another mentor is Professor Becky Omdahl, author of Problematic Relationships in the Workplace. It was in her class that my curiosity returned to the subject of voice.
When we wonder about the meaning and purpose of life, perhaps it is as simple and as complicated as becoming our authentic self and using our voice to give form to our truth, to do the work that matches our values, our identity, and the self-knowledge of our all-encompassing and ever changing worldview.

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