I love an adventure story, add to that doing something to help others, humor.   It’s why the Princess Bride is my favorite movie.

There was a British gentleman that decided rowing a bathtub across the English Channel had never been done so why not.   When his first attempt failed he gave it another go, this time helping out the Comic Relief fundraising effort. He traveled with Bernard, who he proclaimed was, “the most adventurous rubber Duck in the world.” There are a couple of ways you can learn about this story, one of my favorites, if your auditory inclined, is hearing the story from the man himself in The Moth podcast. Your more visually inclined you say? The website Kickass Trips has a fantastic article on the voyage with great pictures. But those of you more into reading are not left out, you can also pick up his book, In The Bath: Conquering The Channel In A Piece of Plumbing.

Couple in front of helicopter.

My husband is adventurous.  He decided to go skydiving and take along my brother for a companion.  He was not my mother’s favorite son-in-law at that moment.  It was the first time he had been on a plane, and he jumped out of it.  I watched the little dot of him high in the sky grow bigger and bigger. As he neared the ground, the person watching with me told me about all the bones she’d broken skydiving and that’s why she didn’t do it anymore.  I placed both hands on my stomach as ear muffs for my unborn child.

I love to plan and create to-do lists.  My biggest adventure was deciding to go to college in my 40’s. Like many students, I juggle working and family along with my studies. Lifehacker writes about the benefits of leaving your comfort zone. They speak about increased productivity, an increased ability to adjust to changes, and my personal favorite that creativity will increase. Adventures come to us big and small and through their journey we become ever more ourselves.

Do you love an adventure?  Where or what is the most exciting adventure you have gone on?

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