The Speed of Your Life’s Creativity

The pace of my life’s creativity fluctuates. Peacock peek a boo.

Not only does it vary, but I have to rebuild it periodically. Everyone assembles creativeness with different materials. What I do to inspire my imagination may not appear productive, but these things are part and parcel of the ever evolving me.

I read

(Thank goodness for libraries as I would otherwise not be able to afford my habit).

Some recent favorites:

I watch TV shows and movies

WARNING, not everything that strikes my fancy is family friendly.

  • A man called Ove– I forgot all about the subtitles.  My friend, who trekked into the cold to see this foreign film with me, thought it a bit predictable, but I found comfort with that. I enjoy things and people I know I can depend on, like Ove.
  • The Canadian sitcom Schitt’s Creek the ensemble cast always makes me smile.

I take classes

  • If I pay for something, then doggone it I better use it, so classes help me immensely to get my butt in the chair. I treated myself to the eight-class bundle for the StoryWonk Master Classes, and now which class should I start first?

What materials shape your creativity?

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