Excuses.  I don’t want to brag, as it isn’t Minnesota nice, but I rock at creating excuses that encourage delay or the complete lack of writing.

Sarah Werner’s Podcast Write Now has a great episode (58) on The Best Writing Excuses

Excuses are not a new problem to writers, nor a unique one –In Adaptation, the movie written by Charlie Kaufman, the actor Nicolas Cage portrays a writer having a difficult time as he stares at the blank page. The clip of Nicholas Cage’s excuses reminds me a little too much of myself as I write this after warming up my coffee and eating a raisin English muffin. On the plus side, I am resisting the urge to turn on Netflicks as well as putting away the clean socks. Little victories – don’t forget to celebrate them.

To help myself I created The Principles of W R I T E. It might help you too if:

  • You’re coming back to writing after Life Happened
  • Contemplating all the writing rules you’ve learned make it difficult for you to write
  • You love research, but you don’t’ know when to stop and start writing
  • You find the blank page intimidating
  • If you’re a writer, who has trouble meeting writing goals without having an external deadline.

The Principles of WRITE written over a beach scene. Write 100 words a day, or set a timer and write for a specific time each day. Read for enjoyment. Read books to analyze what is working and what is not. Indicate to family and friends the time you have set aside to write. Take the time to write. Make writing a priority. Experence life to inspire creativity.

Quiet those loud excuses and write.

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