My Muse and Variety

I get in ruts. I do and eat the same things, and everything becomes tedious, and that leaches away my creativity.   A friend suggested we all try something new, a glass class where we would make wine glass stems. I thought that sounded like a fantastic idea.


At Lake Superior Art Glass, after the safety talk, despite feeling cold, I began to sweat. I had my hands outstretched as far as they would go in front of me, keeping that flame as far away as possible. My friend said loosen your arms, step forward, you’re doing great. We encouraged each other and oohed and aahed as the instructors Dan and Sam put the wine glasses together with our newly created stems.  Every face sported a broad smile as a new creative outlet where we want to try other glass making classes, but it didn’t end there.


Wine glass with twisty stem

That energy carried over into taking Introduction to Screenwriting with the playwright, filmmaker, novelist Cristina Pippa, who was fantastic, and I had the rush of a new story idea.

There is advice to put your energy toward one specific form of creation and master that, and that’s not wrong, it just doesn’t seem to be right for me. Doing and learning new things helps me to bring energy into all parts of my life. Heck, I even started to vary what we were eating at night by trying CookSmarts for meal planning.



Pulling out my copy of Stephen King’s On Writing he says, “In the end, it’s about enriching the lives of those who will read your work, and enriching your own life, as will.”

Agreed Mr. King. For me, writing, art, and life is also about becoming more authentically you.

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