For Writers

Unearthing your Story This is for the plotters in the group.  Pantsers, scroll down quick before you break out in hives.

For me, the discovery process is all about play.
I create a soundtrack to help me get to know my characters, to write a scene, and to jump immediately into the mood of the piece I am creating.
I also create a collage to help me visualize my characters, and to world build.

If you are looking to discover your story, I learned the discovery process from a wonderful teacher, Lani Diane Rich.

* * *

Some days writing comes easy and you can’t get the words down on paper fast enough, but for those other days a bit of inspiration can be a lifeboat for your creativity.

Craft/ Inspirational Books on Writing:
Elizabeth George-Write Away
Stephen King-On Writing
Noah Lukeman-The First Five Pages
Linda Seger-Making a Good Script Great
Christopher Vogler-The Writer’s Journey
Debra Dixon-GMC
David Bayles & Ted Orland-Art & Fear
Betsy Lerner-The Forest for the Trees
Anne Lamott-Bird by Bird
Natalie Goldberg-Writing Down the Bones

Author Websites
I love the unique slants that writers bring to their work and reading in and outside of the genre I write in. Below is a tiny sampling of the writers who inspire me.

Judy Blume
Patricia Briggs
Jim Butcher
Stacy Verdick Case
Catherine Coulter
Jennifer Crusie
Mark Gatiss & Steven Moffat
Neil Gaiman
Kim Harrison
Stephen King
Barbara Kingsolver
Dean Koontz
Jayne Ann Krentz
Anne Lamott
Terry Pratchett
Lani Diane Rich
Karen Robards
Chuck Wendig

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